Hole By Hole

Hole 1

1st Hole Alpine Start

Par   5
Blue   523
White   499
Gold   481
Red   407
HCP   14

To prepare ahead of time for a significant mountain expedition.

The shelf along the right side of this hole affords the best opportunity for reaching the green in two. Playing up the left side off the tee will require three well-played shots to reach the green. However, the nest of bunkers guarding the second landing area could spell trouble.

Hole 2

2nd Hole Freefall

Par   4
Black   410
Blue   384
White   353
Gold   331
HCP   10

The sensation of floating still in the air– which your ball will appear to do after being hit from this tee.

This short par-4 offers various options off the tee. A well-played drive will result in a short iron approach to a small, undulating green guarded by sand. Negotiate these hazards and an early par will be the result.

Hole 3

3rd Hole Glissade

Par   4
Black   371
Blue   332
White   304
Green   192
HCP   18

In mountaineering: a usually-voluntary slide down a steep slope.

Uphill from tee-to-green, this short par-4 will play longer than it appears. Finding the fairway off the tee affords a mid-iron approach to a severely undulating green. If you find yourself in one of the surrounding bunkers, bogey is a certain result

Hole 4

4th Hole Headwall

Par   3
Black   206
Blue   175
White   147
Green   132
HCP   16

The region of a cliff or rock face that steepens dramatically—such as the back of this hole.

Distractions abound on this dramatic and spectacularly scenic downhill tee shot. If you lose your focus to the beautiful surroundings, sand will help save the most errant shot. But recovery from anywhere off the green will be difficult.

Hole 5

5th Hole Sluice

Par   4
Black   448
Blue   425
White   402
Green   342
HCP   2

A flume or chute in the mountains carved out of rock by rushing water.

Big hitters will challenge the fairway bunkers along the left. Mere mortals will opt for the ample fairway area to the right. Carrying these bunkers could result in extra yardage and a mid iron approach, but beware the central fairway bunker. The large, multi-tiered green is heavily contoured with no guarantees of a sure two-putt.

Hole 6

6th Hole Exposure

Par   3
Black   195
Blue   178
White   164
Green   113
HCP   12

In mountain climbing, the state of openness with relation to the distance of a fall.

From the back tee it’s all carry over an expansive, deep waste area. Forward tees are stacked, lessening the waste area’s influence on the average player. The rolling, multi-tiered green will be deceptive and hard to read, but could reward the player with a birdie putt.

Hole 7

7th Hole Freeclimber

Par   5
Black   506
Blue   440
White   424
Green   361
HCP   8

A mountain climber making an ascent without climbing equipment.

It is critical to avoid the fairway bunkers along the left side of this deceptively short, all-uphill par-5. Bunkers stacked in the hillside mark the proper line of play to an elevated green. Long hitters will find the ramped fairway to the right of the green an easy way to access a rare eagle opportunity.

Hole 8

8th Hole Traverse

Par   4
Black   435
Blue   410
White   334
Green   238
HCP   4

To climb in a horizontal direction.

Finding the fairway is critical for success on this long par-4. Here, the distant peaks of the Mahoosucs will aid in directing the proper line. A long tee shot will be justly rewarded with a mid to long iron approach to a green perched above a natural creek.

Hole 9

9th Hole First Ascent

Par    4
Black   422/374
Blue   339
White   320
Green   302
HCP   6

The first successful completion of a climbing expedition.

On this short par-4 featuring two forced carries over deep ravines, brute force is not necessarily the recipe for success. A long iron or fairway metal will position your drive for a short approach. A deep bunker guards the right side of the multi-tiered green. Conservative play will be rewarded as you head for the back nine.

Hole 10

10th Hole Approach

Par   4
Black   410
Blue   385
White   252
Green   241
HCP   3

The path or route to the start of a climb. The Approach is occasionally as hazardous as the climb itself.

With the tees perched along a ridgeline and Merrill Creek lurking in the deep ravine below, accuracy off the tee is the secret to success. Pinpoint positioning as opposed to sheer strength is required, and finding the left center of the fairway close to a fairway bunker affords the best angle of approach to an elevated green.

Hole 11

11th Hole Longfellow’s Descent

Par   5
Black   583
Blue   565
White   492
Green   458
HCP   5

Clayton Longfellow, a mountain of a man, was Superintendant during the development of the Sunday River Golf Club.

This three shot par-5 plays downhill from tee-to-green. Ample room can be found along the left side off the tee, but long hitters going for it in two might find themselves stymied behind a large tree along the right side. Laying up for position will result in an unobstructed approach, and perhaps birdie.

Hole 12

12th Hole Avalanche

Par   4
Black   437
Blue   412
White   366/342
Green   302
HCP   13

A dangerous event, sweeping down from the mountains to the valley below.

Bigger hitters will be enticed to let it fly on this dramatic downhill par-4, but utilizing the elevation change and sloping fairway that awaits will equally reward a well struck fairway metal from the tee. Don’t let the daunting length of this hole intimidate, it will likely play much shorter than you expect!

Hole 13

13th Hole Ascender

Par   4
Black   351
Blue   316
White   300
Green   256
HCP   15

In mountaineering, a device used in the ascent of a slope.

Playing subtly uphill from the tee, this sleepy little hole will play much longer than the scorecard indicates. Driver off the tee will be the best play to insure a short iron approach to a small elevated green. Miss left and you will find one of the many ravines throughout the course.

Hole 14

14th Hole Runout

Par   3
Black   213
Blue   185
White   138
Green   113

The span between two points of protection while climbing a mountain.

At 225 yards this is the longest par-3 on the course. Playing across an expansive sandy waste area, a full carry to the green is required. This “Redan” type green will reward well-struck tee shots—but miss the green and par will be challenging to achieve.

Hole 15

15th Hole Breathless

Par   5
Black   518
Blue   483
White   449
Green   415
HCP   9

High in a climb, oxygen becomes thin. Here on 15, the mountain view and inherent danger of the hole may take your breath away.

Making the turn back toward the clubhouse, this long par-5 will be a three shot hole to reach the tiered narrow green. Long ball hitters will have to beware of the expansive sandy waste area. If the proper tier is found on the approach then birdie is a distinct possibility.

Hole 16

16th Hole Zipper Fall

Par   3
Black   163
Blue   142
White   106
Green   95
HCP   17

In mountaineering: a fall in which each piece of protection fails in turn.

Playing downhill to a gently sloping green and sprawling greenside bunker, the player is offered both peril and possibility. Nestled into a quiet valley with the hole set against a stand of trees and native fescue grasses, this scenic hole will be one of the most memorable on the course.

Hole 17

17th Hole Crux

Par   4
Black   496
Blue   474
White   428
Green   338
HCP   1

The most difficult portion of a climb.

Finding the fairway cut off the tee of this demanding par-4 is critical for success. Bunkers guard the right and left side of the landing area. Carrying the fairway bunker along right side will allow the best angle of approach from the right center of the fairway to a dramatically elevated green.

Hole 18

18th Hole Summit

Par   4
Black   443
Blue   414
White   391
Green  370
HCP   7

The ultimate goal in a climbing expedition.

Playing along the deep Merrill Creek ravine, this climactic finishing hole is guarded by sandy waste bunkers down the entire left side which the player must avoid. The large sloping green requires a precise approach. Find yourself on the wrong side of the pin and two putts for par will be well earned.